Photo of the Week LCF’s 3rd Gen Dodge Durango – The Beast

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lcf the beast durango 600

Our newest Photo of the Week comes to us from Baku Azerbaijan, where DF LCF rocks this great looking 3rd gen Dodge Durango.  While his obvious modifications are restricted to the matte black Giovanna Kilis 22 inch wheels wrapped in Falken tires with raised red lettering, a chromed out brush guard and brake caliper covers – I love the look of this Durango.

When someone modifies a big SUV like the 3rd gen Durango to emphasize the sport aspect of the vehicle – as is the case with the vast majority of modded 3g Durangos – I usually like to see them go away from any chrome trim.  When it comes to sports cars or sport utility vehicles, I don’t think that chrome always works but there is just something about the look of LCF’s Durango that caught my eye.  The bright chrome headlights, grille, brush guard and door handles contrast beautifully against the predominantly black SUV – showing how well the Durango’s styling works for all sorts of modification tastes.

This picture of LCF’s Durango came out of the 3rd gen Roll Call Thread.  You can click here for a couple other pictures of his wicked Dodge sport utility vehicle in that thread or you can click here to look at the entire thread – although I should warn you that there are 64 pages and more than 1275 posts.

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