Black Friday: Ram Rollin Coal on the Open Road

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ram rolls coal on the road 600

Most of our Black Friday clips feature a Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine in a confined location like on the dyno, in the mud or while doing burnouts but today, we have a Cummins Ram rollin’ coal while cruising down the road. While this video doesn’t have as much smoke as many of our Black Friday videos, this is the kind of thing that drives dorks who drive Toyota hybrids crazy so it seemed like a fitting piece to show off – especially considering all of the fuss being made by the mainstream media who have just discovered Ram, Ford and GM trucks “rolling coal”.

As you can see, this Ram is filmed from a moving vehicle with the camera (or phone) hanging out to the window to the audio is crappy, but when this Cummins powered Dodge puts the hammer down, it spews some serious diesel soot as it speeds away from the cameraman. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend turning up your volume, but this is still a fun video for Black Friday.

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