Cool Thread of the Day: What 2g Dodge Dakota Owners Do for a Living

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We have a very diverse crowd here at with people from all walks of life in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world and our 2nd generation Dodge Dakota section has a relatively young thread discussing what our Dakota owners do for a living.  While this thread is fairly short since it is just a few months old, it offers an interesting spread of the jobs (or education programs, as the case may be) held by our 2g Dakota owners here on DF.

The Dodge Dakota owners who have posted in this thread have a wide variety of jobs which make up their daily tasks along with a handful of members who are still working their way through college.  In addition to a handful of Dakota owners who have worked as mechanics at some point, the members participating in this thread have had jobs ranging from law enforcement officers and members of the US Armed Forces to civil engineers to a carpenter.  Regardless of what our members do today for work, it is interesting to see how many of our Dakota owners have – at some point – served in the Armed Forces.

Click here to see what other types of jobs have been held by our 2g Dakota owners and if you are the proud owner of one of this midsized Dodge pickups – make sure to post up what you do for a living!

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