YouTuber Plays Devil’s Advocate with Dodge Demon

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Cleetus McFarland just can’t get enough of the Demon’s TransBrake and 808 horsepower.

Cleetus McFarland, best known for his body-less, twin turbocharged Corvette named “Leroy” and other high performance Chevrolet vehicles, but in one of his recent videos, he had a chance to get behind the wheel of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Not surprisingly, the Chevy fan was impressed by the 808-horsepower stock Mopar muscle car, especially when he did a massive burnout with the America’s first factory-built 9-second street car.

Cleetus & His Chevys

If you pay any attention to Cleetus McFarland, you know that he is a Chevy guy. He is best known for his wicked eight-second Corvette that is really just a chassis and drivetrain, as he bought it totaled without a body. He has acquired other vehicles along the way, including a C7 Corvette, a NASCAR-style Chevy pickup and a Lincoln stretch limo, so while he also has a Ram 3500, his channel is chock full of GM performance.

Cleetus McFarland in the Demon

This video begins like many of his videos, with Cleetus and his boys headed off for some high performance hijinks in a few built Chevrolet products. In this case, he is taking a built Camaro ZL1 and a C7 Corvette with well over a thousand wheel horsepower to a dyno shop for some tuning work. As you would expect, the video has some cruising footage of those two cars, followed by dyno clips of the Vette making more than 1,100 rear wheel-horsepower.

While at the dyno shop, someone showed up with a new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and he offered to let Cleetus play with it a bit.

Cleetus McFarland in the Demon

McFarland & Dodge Demon

If you aren’t interested in the Chevy information, you can skip to the 5:35 mark of the video, where the F8 Green Demon makes its first appearance. The YouTuber has been given the greenlight to make a quick launch with the TransBrake system and he does so in the driveway of the tuning shop.

With the car in the 808-horsepower mode (we are guessing that the owner hasn’t installed the race gas PCM yet), Cleetus takes a shot at launching with the TransBrake. Like so many others, he finds that a high-RPM launch, even in pump gas mode, roasts the rear tires. He then heads out onto the street for a quick drive of the 808-horsepower Mopar muscle car before heading back to the shop.

Demon Burnout Far

Once there, the he watches as the heavily-modified Corvette does a burnout, followed by the Demon, the Camaro ZL1 and an older Ford Mustang. Compared to the modified Chevys, the Demon does a solid burnout, but in the Chevy-heavy crowd, the voting poll for the best burnout is heavily favoring the modified Camaro and Corvette over the stock Dodge.

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