Cool Thread of the Day 1g Dodge Durango Tire Discussion

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Are you looking to buy new tires for your 1st gen Dodge Durango and while you don’t want to go with the often expensive factory tires, you are not sure which tire would really suit your needs the best?  If so, you are in luck as there is a lengthy thread in our 1st gen Durango section where members discuss their tire choices, what they do with their Dodge SUV, what kind of tire pressure they like to run and what kind of longevity they have gotten with the different tire options.

The beauty of this 1st gen Durango tire thread is that it provides owners with a variety that can help them make a big decision on which tires to buy for their application while proving info on the slightly less critical topic of tire pressure.  Whether you own a 1g Durango and you have gone through a few different sets of tires – thus allowing you plenty of knowledge to share with the other owners – or you are new to owning your Durango and you are looking for information to get the most out of your SUV, this thread is a great one for you!

Click here to head into the 1g Durango section to take part in the tire discussion!

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