Truckin Fast: Dodge Ram SRT10 Fan Tribute Shows the Beast on a Road Course

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The Dodge Ram SRT10 was the fastest production truck ever for a very long time and with the exception of the El Camino-like Holden that has since broken the record, the SRT Ram remains the fastest REAL truck ever.  That record was set on a large high speed oval and thanks to the Viper V10 engine, we know that the SRT10 was almost one of the best performing trucks on a drag strip of all time – but we often seem to forget that this Ram was set up to attack the road course as well.

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday takes a look at a video of the Dodge Ram SRT10 that was put together by a fan and it shows a bunch of original footage of the SRT Ram 1500 roaring around a road course.  There is a solid mix of hard cornering and drifting fun, all of which show just how well this full size truck was set up to perform very well in any situation.  There is also some awesome 80s-sounding electronic music in the background that really gives the whole video that Airwolf feel.  It is awesome in every way – to make sure to have your speakers cranked up when watching the Dodge Ram SRT10 doing its thing!

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