Cool Thread of the Day: Blacked Out 2nd Gen Dodge Durango

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rango226 side 600

The 2nd generation of the Dodge Durango – which ran from 2003 through 2009 – was arguably the least popular and the least sporty of the modern Dodge sport utility vehicle lineup.  The 2g Durango was bigger and bulkier than the previous generation so it didn’t offer the same sporty feel and, most importantly, it posted poor enough fuel economy numbers that it was heavily criticized by everyone…from owners to the media.  Because of this, we don’t have nearly as many 2g Durango owners here at DodgeForum as we do 1st or 3rd gen but it should go without saying that if Dodge sold a 2003-2009 Durango that looked a little more like the one shown above – it would have been vastly more popular.

The latest Cool Thread of the Day takes a look at the 2007 Dodge Durango owned by new member RANGO226.  He has fitted his big Dodge SUV with a set of 33 inch tires on rims that have been pushed away from the body a bit for a super aggressive, offroad ready stance.  Add to that stance the all black body, the black tinted windows, the black wheels, the black grille and the black taillights and you have one wicked, murdered out 2g Durango.  This Durango sits how they should have all sat and because of that, Ive picked RANGO226’s picture thread as one of today’s features!

Click here to check out more on this 2007 Durango, including more pictures, a mod list and his plans for the future!

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