Tech Thread Spotlight: 3g Durango Oil Change Tips and Tricks

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2014 durango rt snow 600

Among all of the automotive maintenance tasks performed in the driveways and garages around the US, no job is more common than an owner changing their own oil and today’s Tech Thread Spotlight is all about tips and tricks to make changing the oil in a 3rd generation Dodge Durango a little easier.  On paper, removing the oil pan plug, letting the oil drain, removing the oil filter, putting the new filter on, putting the plug back in and draining the oil seems pretty simple but it can get to be quite the mess on some vehicles – and the 3rd gen Durango with the 5.7L Hemi happens to be one of those vehicles.

Fortunately, our 3rd gen Durango section has a lengthy discussion with owners chiming in with tips and tricks that they have found can make changing the oil in their SUV a bit tidier – if not easier. Realistically, some of the ideas offered up apply to far more than just the Durango, such as FSTGANGO3’s suggesting of putting a plastic bag over your hand to catch the oil that runs out as you loosen the filter.  That is a trick that will make changing the oil in my Ram, my Stratus and my 72 Demon a much cleaner project so whether or not you have a 3rd gen Durango, this thread might be worth a quick read when you have a few minutes to kill.  Also, some owners believe that jacking the vehicle up a bit will give you easier access to the underside of the vehicle – which also applies to more than one Dodge vehicle.

Click here to check out the 3rd gen Durango oil change tips and tricks thread!

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