Mopar Muscle: Watch This Record Setting Mopar-Cousin Rip Down the Quarter

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brent rau eclipse 600

I have to start by saying that I am well aware that the car featured in this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday video is not technically a Mopar – it is a DSM.  The silver car in the far lane is the 2g Mitsubishi Eclipse owned and raced by Brent Rau and while I understand that it isnt technically a Mopar – it is a direct cousin of our beloved Mopar performance models and it is powered by the same engine that motivated the Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon – both of which ARE Mopars.

In any case, the Mitsubishi Eclipse shown in the video below is powered by the same 4G63T engine that powered my 1992 Plymouth Laser.  Measuring 2.0L, my car made around 200 horsepower.  Brent Rau’s 4G63T makes closer to 2,000 horsepower…and at one point that made his Eclipse the quickest 4-cylinder car in the world with quarter mile times in the high 6 second range and trap speeds over 200 miles per hour.  In this particular run, Brent “only” runs 7.28 at 192 miles per hour but it very clearly shows what the 4G63T engine used in so many joint venture vehicles between Chrysler and Mitsubishi is capable of when fully built.

While it doesn’t sound like the majority of the Mopar muscle cars that we feature here on DF, this car has an incredible sound as it leaves the line with 2,000 angry ponies sending it towards the far end of the track so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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