Cool Thread of the Day: How to Get Your Vehicle Build Sheet from Dodge

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A vehicle build sheet includes every bit of information so when you are looking to sell your Dodge and you want to be sure to list every option included – or if you just want to know more about the Dodge car, truck or SUV – this thread can help you through that surprisingly easy process.  Best of all, this is a free service offered by the Chrysler Group and our members who have used it reported that the information was sent very quickly from Dodge.

This thread was posted a couple years back by Dodge Forum administrator ericemery (whose account was being problematic for a while, hence him being listed as a guest) but members who have posted recently reported that it works just as quickly as ever.  This thread is posted in the 3rd generation Dakota section so the members posting mostly drive Dodge Dakota pickups but the link should apply to all modern Dodge vehicles.  DF member kenttt also posted link to the Chrysler Group website with similar customer service information links for Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Fiat and SRT models as well as links for the same information in the Canadian and Mexican market.

Click here to head to the thread to check out the discussion and the applicable links to request your Dodge build sheet.

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