Mopar Muscle Thursday: 9 Second Dodge Demon Leaves Wheels-Up

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demon wheels up 600

While I usually don’t like to feature videos that show a Dodge or other Mopar product losing on the drag strip, this video of a 9 second Dodge Demon 340 (presumably with more than 340 cubic inches) doing a massive burnout and then ripping the front tires off of the ground on launch was just too good to pass up.  The video is pretty short and bittersweet as the mighty Mopar doesn’t make it to the finish line first (and the driver red lit) but the short wheelstand at the beginning as this small block Demon flexed its Mopar muscles seemed like the perfect fit.

In the end, even though this bright yellow Dodge Demon loses to the black big block Camaro in the near lane, both cars are very fast and the Chevy deserves some respect for putting down a run of 8.69 seconds at 144 miles per hour.  The small block powered, high flying Dodge ran a 9.98 and 132 miles per hour so even though the Demon lost, it put up one hell of a fight and got some serious air in the process.

Crank up your speakers as the small block Mopar sounds as awesome as this Dodge Demon’s wheelstand looks and enjoy!


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