Cool Thread of the Day: Lift and Leveling Kits for the 3rd Gen Dodge Durango

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2013 durango rt 600

The modern Dodge Durango is marketed as an on-road sport utility vehicle and it fills the bill beautifully.  Because of that, we see more 3rd generation Durangos lowered and tricked out for going fast than we do new Durangos lifted but with this being such a rugged SUV – it should come as no surprise that some owners want their brawny Dodge sport utility vehicle to sit a little higher.  There are also new Durango owners who want to give the SUV a more upright stance so rather than a lift kit, they opt for a leveling kit that brings the nose up a bit.

If you are a new Durango owner who has thinking about lifting or leveling your rig, this thread is an excellent resource.  There are a variety of links to sources of Durango lift kits and leveling packages along with plenty of discussion over what other owners have used and what they think of those products.  This thread also gives Durango owners a chance to ask other experienced owners and ask any questions that they might have before deciding with package is right for them.

Click here to check out the discussion on lift kit possibilities for the 3rd generation Dodge Durango!

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