Cool Thread of the Day: RobertMc’s Dakota Convertible Resto Thread

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robertmc dakota resto 600

I think that the 1at generation Dodge Dakota convertible was one of the coolest trucks of all time – not because it was super fast or because it could pull a house off of the foundation –because it’s hard not to love a small pickup with a V8 engine and a convertible top.  This Dakota is really the best of both worlds and while they have become less and less common over the past decade, DF member RobertMc recently posted a thread showing the ongoing restoration of his white 1990 Dakota Convertible.  This isnt a DIY thread but he has walked us through pretty much every step so while you couldn’t use this thread as an instruction manual on how to restore your Dakota from the ground up – this thread most certainly gives you a brief idea of what all is involved.

The 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible around which this restoration thread is based isnt finished yet but in looking at the pictures of the current progress, it is very clear that this is going to be one great looking truck when it is all said and done.

Click here to head into the DodgeForum 1st gen Dodge Dakota section for a closer look at the entire rebuild process for this slick droptop pickup!

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