Muddy Mondays: Jacked Up 3rd gen Ram 1500 Dominates the Mud

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mm 3g ram big lift 600

This week’s Muddy Monday clip takes a look at a jacked up 3rd generation Dodge Ram 1500 in action in “The Hog Hole” in Rosharon Texas.  This truck has engine modifications to increase the power to 400hp, a 6 inch Fabtech suspension lift, a 3 inch body lift and a set of 37 inch Super Swamper tires and when you put all of that together in a 3rd gen Ram 1500 – you have one serious mud truck.

This video is lengthy with almost 5 minutes of the red Ram 1500 tearing through some serious mud that ranges from thick, near-solid mud to deep muddy water.  There are times when this Ram is up to its doors in the mud (even with the 9 inches of lift) but even the deepest, thickest slop in this massive mud hole is enough to keep this big Ram from rolling on through…whether the Ram is going forwards or backwards.  Some of the best mudding action comes towards the end of the video so if you don’t want to watch the whole 4:43, fast forward to the last 1:10 or so to see this Ram has some deep mud with a bit of speed and a big splash.

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