Cool Thread of the Day: Wh1t3NuKle’s Wheeling a Full-size Ram Thread

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wh1t3NuKle ram 600

This week’s featured “cool thread” is unusual as it is a little bit of a project thread and a little bit of a general Dodge Ram offroading discussion thread.  Wh1t3NuKle started this thread almost two years ago with the hopes of showing off what his 2g Ram could do, posting pictures and videos of him working his truck through the most demanding offroading obstacles while pointing out any problems that occurred while his Ram is in action.  Over time, others with similar experiences have also chimed in – while both Wh1t3NuKle has continually posted modifications made to his Ram over the past two years.

This thread is long and wordy but if you spend time offroading your Ram, or if you just enjoy looking at pictures and videos of 4-wheeling including both success and carnage – this thread is a gold mine of information.  In the long run, Wh1t3NuKle most certainly has shown during the last two years that you can indeed use a full sized Ram to conquer the roughest wheeling situations.  At 18 pages, this is a long read but in my opinion, this is one of the coolest thread on with tons of pictures and what amounts to a play by play reading of Wh1t3NuKle’s offroading fun sine 2012.

Click here to head into the 2nd gen Dodge Ram section to check out the Wheeling a Full-size Ram thread for yourself!

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