Tech Thread Spotlight: 3rd Generation Ram Ball Joint Replacement DIY

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ram ball joint diy ss 600

There was a point in time where all ball joints in pickup trucks were equipped with grease fittings that allowed Ram owners to lubricate them and help them last for years.  Unfortunately, the cost cutting bean counters who have been at fault for so many problems in the automotive world decided at some point that sealed, non-greasable ball joints were the way to go and since then, ball joints have become a product that wears out without any possible recourse from the owner shy of replacing the problematic component.  When a ball joint fails, it can literally cause the wheel to pull away from the vehicle…and that sucks.

Fortunately, when the ball joints begin to creak and groan due to the insides having gotten dry, someone with a decent selection of tools, some spare time on the weekend and a big jug of elbow grease can save themselves a pretty penny by replacing the ball joints in their garage at home.  Even better, one of our members has put together a great DIY of how to replace the ball joints in your Ram right down to the tools needed and the part numbers (part numbers for specific applications will vary).  There is even an explanation of what to look for to spot problematic ball joints so if you think that your Ram’s ball joints are going south, check out this DIY by clicking here!


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