Tech Thread Spotlight: 1g Dodge Durango Heated Mirror Swap

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1st durango 600

Much of America is being hit with record cold temperatures today and that means that a great many of us had iced up mirrors when they made their morning commute so what better time to think about doing a heated mirror swap in your Dodge or Ram product.  Fortunately, we have a DIY in the 1st generation Dodge Durango section that shows just how easy it is to swap in heated exterior mirrors – all you need is some simple tools and the new heated mirrors to do it yourself in your driveway or garage.

While this DIY pertains specifically to the 1st gen Dodge Durango, changing the exterior mirrors in many Dodge and Ram vehicles is as easy as it is with the 1g Durango so while some aspects of the modification may vary – the basic premise is the same across many vehicles.  Also, as is the case with the 1g Durango, the wiring for factory heated mirrors is already in many vehicles even if the vehicles in question arent equipped with the heated mirrors so while the swap might not be as easy in every vehicle as it is in the Durango, it should be similar across many other models (especially those Dodge products from comparable years as the 1st gen Durango).

Click here to check out the 1g Dodge Durango heater mirror swap DIY!

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