Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 1970 Plymouth Superbird in Old School Action

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tire shredding superbird 600

This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday feature is a flashback to 1985 where we watch a 1970 Plymouth Superbird taking place in a burnout competition.  The description indicates that this Superbird was near stock and Im guessing that it was powered by a 440 big block.  While it takes this winged warrior a few seconds to get the tires smoking – once it gets rockin’ this rare Plymouth does one crazy, smokey burnout.

It should be noted ahead of time that the video quality from 1985 is not all that great but you should keep in mind that this Plymouth Superbird burnout was likely captured on an early VHS recorder that would have been shaped like a small suitcase.  The video quality might not be very good but watching this super valuable Mopar muscle car partaking in a wicked burnout is pure classic gold.  These cars have become such valuable collector’s items that it is tough to find one at a car show let alone doing a gigantic burnout but Im guessing that back in 1985, the Superbird didn’t demand the same ridiculous auction prices that we see on TV these days.


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