Hellcat Challenger beats up a Ferrari

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Watch a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat take down a Ferrari 458 in a quarter mile battle.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the quickest production road cars in the world when it comes to quarter mile runs while also being one of the most capable Mopar muscle cars to date when it comes to a track with turns. The 2012 Ferrari is a quick car in the quarter mile, but like all supercars, it is built to perform best on a track with turns.

However, when a Ferrari 458 and a Hellcat Challenger show up at the drag strip, it doesn’t matter what the engineers had in mind when designing the car – it only matters who gets to the finish line first. In this case, a B5 Blue Hellcat Challenger driven (and owned) by Richard Norris is going head to head with a bright red Ferrari 458 in an epic clash of a muscle car and a supercar – and the muscle car shines at what muscle cars have always done best.

In all fairness, Richard Norris lays down a far better reaction time with his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and at that point, the race was pretty much over. All the Ferrari driver could do is watch the back end of the Challenger as the Mopar muscle car won by nearly a half second.

In the end, Norris ran an 11.46 at 123.94 miles per hour in the Hellcat Challenger while the Ferrari 458 ran an 11.837 at 118.45 miles per hour. With that difference in ETs, even a great reaction time for the Ferrari wouldn’t have made any difference in the end, but when coupled with the advantage on the line – this supercharged Dodge handed out a whoopin’ to the Italian exotic.

Image: Zac Wilson (IG: @snowflakethekouki)

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