Mopar Muscle: Nitro Blown Hemi Cuda Races a Quick Duster

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cuda races duster 600

The only thing better than watching a high performance Mopar muscle car tear down the drag strip is watching two high performance Mopars in action on the quarter mile and this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clip features two seriously fast classic muscle cars going head to head.  In the near lane is what I believe to be a supercharged nitro Hemi 1972 Cuda while the car in the far lane – which is labeled by the video as a 9 sec Dart – looks to be a 72 Duster.  The Cuda looks (and sounds) like one serious race car while the Duster in the far lane looks a little more like it did when it hit the showroom some 40 years ago.

We know from the title that the wicked Hemi Cuda in the near lane makes an 8 second run while the Duster runs through in the 9 second range…although those two times don’t tell the story of this dueling Mopar drag race.  When you watch this video, take special notice of the difficulties of the Cuda getting away from the line and with an ET of 8.89, just imagine how much quicker the time would have been with a better launch.

This Hemi Cuda sounds every bit as nasty as it looks to make sure that you have the volume cranked up when you watch this clip!

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