Tech Thread Spotlight: Removing Your 3g Dodge Ram Window Regulator

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3g ram window reg still 600

Does one of more of the windows on your 3rd gen Dodge Ram not go up or down like it is supposed to?  If so, you may have a problem with the window regulator and while you could easily take it to most shops to have the problem fixed, we have a DIY thread here on DodgeForum that will walk you through the process of accessing, removing and replacing the internal workings of the side windows.

During the course of this Dodge Ram window regulator repair video, the folks from 1A Auto show you the location of each fastener of each item that stands in your way of removing and replacing the faulty components as well as telling you which tools that you will need for any unusual fasteners.  While this video was obviously made by a professional, the job itself is easy enough with this DIY video to tear apart the door of your Ram and fix your problems without paying a cent for labor.

Click here to head into our 3rd generation Dodge Ram section for a closer look at the video from 1A Auto that walks you through the step by step process of solving your own window problems.

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