Cool Thread of the Day: magnethead’s V6 Dakota Racing Project Update

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magnethead dakota slicks 600

One of the most common questions on the forum from those looking to make performance modifications to their Ram or Dakota  pertains to how much of a real world impact it will make.  Every performance part comes with some promise of power increases but saying that you will pick up 10 or 15 horsepower really doesn’t show how much quicker the vehicle will get.  Fortunately, magnethead’s Dodge Dakota racing project update thread offers a great look at how simple mods impact performance in the best testing grounds possible – the drag strip.

Now, I’m sure that some of you are questioning the fact that this is a project thread about racing a V6 automatic Dakota…which is certainly an unusual choice when building a project truck intended to go fast.  However, regardless of what the vehicle is and what kind of times he is turning in the 8th mile, this thread offers a great look at how very common modifications impact performance in the real world.  This thread shows that his Dakota cut more than 2 tenths in the 8th mile just by adding an SCT tune and a 180 degree thermostat while removing the clutch fan, adding 1.7 rockers and 4.10 gears cut almost 4.5 tenths.

Click here to head into our racing section for a closer look at magnethead’s Dakota project racing update thread with times for each group of modifications and a couple videos of the truck in action!

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