Cool Thread of the Day: Do high flow air filters and cold air intakes really work?

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It seems that there is a cold air intake or a high flow “drop in” air filter for pretty much every vehicle sold in America and there is a seemingly endless list of options for Dodge Ram trucks – but are these products really worth the money?  These filter and air intake systems promise power gains through better air flow and improved intake air temperatures but do they really make good on those promises?

One of our members from the 2nd generation Dodge Ram section put together looking at the pros and cons of these aftermarket air intake solutions and while there is no “right answer” that applies to every vehicle and every product on the market – this piece offers a great deal of information on what is best for the Dodge Ram pickup when it comes to helping it breathe.   The member who made the thread even included some handsome color coded charts that show the different specs of popular air filter brands along with providing links to even more in-depth discussions about the functionality of air intake kits.

Click here to head into the 2nd gen Ram technical section to read more about the effectiveness of cold air intakes and high flow air filters!

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