Muddy Mondays: Dually Ram Gets Dirty

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Welcome to Muddy Mondays! Where we bring you clips and photos of Trucks getting down and dirty. Do you go mudding? Send us your videos and photos and we’ll include you in this weekly feature!

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for duallys. They’re huge, incredibly useful, and powerful. They’re also great at going places where other trucks can’t. Take this guy for instance.

You’d think he’d be capable of driving through just about anything. He even drives through what looks like a small stream at some point. That’s not even mud. His truck is just big enough to ford a river. I bet the Oregon trail settlers would’ve had an easier time going west with wagons like these.

Eventually, like most trucks, he gets stuck. But that just means his crew gets to help out (and share some camera time).

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