Muddy Mondays: Mud Slinging Ramcharger Makes Me Miss My Old Truck

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white ramcharger mud 600

My white 1983 Dodge Ramcharger was one of the best vehicles Ive ever owned and watching the slightly newer white Ramcharger ease through the deep mud in this week’s Muddy Monday feature makes me miss my old truck.  This particular Ramcharger is obviously fitted with an upgraded suspension setup and some massive mud tires which work together to allow this roomy Dodge SUV to handle these uber deep mud pits with the greatest of ease.

Oddly, the video insists that the Ramcharger is “bumbling” through the mud, but it really doesn’t appear to be having any troubles.  Perhaps he could have blasted through the pit and skimmed across some of the deeper parts, but that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as impressive.  We do learn during this video that the suspension is allowing the huge tires too much movement as they rub against the body while climbing out of some of the deeper hills with steeper sides but this is still an awesome look at what the mighty Ramcharger could do.

Check out the video below to see the toughest SUV Dodge ever sold in action in the deep mud!

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