Question of the Week: Whats Better – Pro Stock Dart or Pro Stock Avenger?

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This past weekend marked the on-track introduction of the newest Chrysler Group Pro Stock drag car – this time basing their door slammer on the new Dodge Dart.  Realistically, the new Dodge Dart Pro Stock race car is mechanically identical to the Dodge Avenger which it replaced but the new Dart has the distinct front end design of the sleek compact along with a curvier body that surely yields better aerodynamic properties.

Now that the new Dodge Dart Pro Stock car is here, we want to know which you liked better – the new Dart or the Avenger which was just replaced?  This is really just a matter of opinion based on the appearance of each car as the mechanical similarities make that aspect pretty much a draw.  The Avenger was incredibly successful over the past few seasons but Allen Johnson took the new Dart to the winners circle in the very first event for the new car.  Check out the pictures below and then click here to head into the forum to tell us which current Dodge car made a better Pro Stock racer!

Pro Stock Dart:


Pro Stock Avenger:

aj ps avenger win

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