Ram Recall Investigation

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While we have heard constantly about the GM recalls and probably laugh in their ineptitude, honestly we shouldn’t celebrate too loud. Fiat Chrysler has been notified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on an investigation of 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups. It isn’t good, either. We’ll detail the investigation and look into why we may have some worry of our own.

The Dodge 9.25-inch rear end is used across many Fiat Chrysler solid-rear axle vehicles, and the issue is actually well-known by many Ram enthusiasts. The clutch packs’ pin retainer falls out and the pins back out and lock up the rear axle. Welcome to several years ago, NHTSA.

There has been a repair on the books for some time; however, the parts have been on a national backorder for about as long. So far, the only complaints have come from 15 vehicle owners. ThisĀ is a great example of how well the NHTSA works to protect you after your truck tried to kill you.

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