Tech Thread Spotlight: 1g Dodge Durango Starter DIY

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1st durango 600

Today’s Tech Thread Spotlight takes a look at the do-it-yourself starter replacement write up by long time DF member and Durango tech guru hydrashocker.  Replacing a starter is one of those jobs that many shade tree mechanics and Durango owners might shy away from, but this step by step DIY with pictures shows just how easy this job can be to do in your driveway or garage.  In addition to a step by step explanation of everything that you need to do to replace your starter, this write up includes a list of the tools needed – a list that is surprisingly short.  Really, only very basic tools are needed to do this Durango starter job so even if you don’t have the tools already, you won’t need to buy much before getting started.

Like every great DIY here on DodgeForum, hydrashocker’s 1g Durango starter DIY thread makes sure to mention little tips and tricks along the way to make this job as painless and as smooth as possible.

Click here to head into the 1st generation Dodge Durango section for a closer look at hydrashocker’s excellent starter replacement DIY.

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