Tech Thread Spotlight: 40 Pages of Ram Transmission Questions and Answers

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merc225hp ram 600

Do you have a problem with or question about the transmission in your Dodge Ram pickup?  We have a 40 page thread in the 2nd gen Ram section where members peppered a professional transmission technician with an incredible number of questions and he answered them as they came in.  Unfortunately, Monte C hasn’t been around for some time but this thread still packs an incredible amount of information on Ram transmissions – and let’s be honest – 2g Ram owners are no strangers to transmission problems.

Regardless of what you are trying to do to your Ram truck…whether you are hoping to upgrade your transmission to something that offers better performance or if you are looking to diagnose a problem with your truck’s transmission, this thread very likely has some information that will help.

Click here to head into the 2nd gen Ram truck section to peruse the Ram transmission question and answers thread.  Even though the thread is locked to prevent people from new questions, a quick search through the long thread could resolve your issue and it if doesn’t, you can always post a new thread in the forum section that applies to your truck!

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