Cool Thread of the Day: 2nd Gen Ram Gearing Thread

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2g ram lowered

Are you looking to change the rear end gearing in your 2nd generation Dodge Ram and you arent sure what to go pick for your application?  We have a thread in our 2g Ram section where members have posted whar gear ratio they run in their truck along with some insight as to why they picked that ratio and – when applicable – where they bought their gears.  Some members reference improvements from going to steeper gears while other lament the fact that they are losing fuel economy.

Best of all, the moderator who opened this thread also posted up a ton of information including tips on what gears to pick for your Ram pickup along with an ideal gearing calculator.  While this is posted in the 2g Ram section, much of the information in this thread is essentially universal so whether you drive a 1999 Ram or a 2009 Dakota – this thread has solid information on rear end gearing that could help you with your project!

Click here to head into the 2g Ram gearing thread!

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