Tech Thread Spotlight: What Does an Oil Catch Can Do for My Dodge?

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The odds are good that if you have a modern turbocharged car like the Dodge Neon SRT4 or the Dodge Dart Turbo, you are familiar with an oil catch can but for those just getting into the world of the SRT4 – an oil catch can is a good starting place for your modifications.  While these items were more commonly used on turbocharged cars for some time, this is a mod that can benefit all sorts of modern vehicles that rely on a PCV system to release crankcase pressure.

When that crankcase pressure is released by the PCV valve into the series of tubes that lead back into the engine air intake system, it carries with it a small amount of hot, nearly vaporized oil that also travels into the intake system.  This oil can cause slow throttle response and reduced power in all modern engines while also clogging up the intercooler system on turbocharged engines like the one found in the Neon SRT4 and the new Dodge Dart Turbo.

For a more expansive discussion on why an oil catch can is good for a Neon SRT4, a Dart Turbo or even a Hemi Ram – click here.  This thread takes place within a group of SRT4 owners but the information shared applies to all modern engines.


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