Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Ram SRT10 Quad Cab Runs 10s – Kills Civic

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Some people in the go-fast world will try to downplay the Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab because it was big, heavy and only came with an automatic transmission but those critics should keep in mind that as pickups go – the SRT10 Quad Cab was still very fast.  Today’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature takes a look at one of those four door supertrucks but this example has clearly been modified – to the tune of the high ten second quarter mile range.

There isnt any background on the silver Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab in action on the quarter mile below and due to the obnoxiously loud Honda Civic in the other lane, we can barely hear the Viper V10 engine.  However, the fact that this full sized pickup rockets down the drag strip in just 10.73 seconds with a trap speed of over 125 miles per hour makes is very clear that this truck has at least a few engine modifications in addition to the sticky tires.  When inputting the stock curb weight of the SRT10 QC of 5.572 pounds and the trap speed of 125mph into a simple horsepower calculator, this truck could be making up around 850 horsepower.  Of course, there could be some weight saving modifications as well but we should keep in mind that it is probably making more than 800hp as it roars down the quarter mile…and that’s truckin’ fast.  Enjoy!


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