94 SRT Viper Coupes Delivered in July 2013 – 320 on the Year

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2013 viper gts red 600

The Chrysler Group delivered 64 examples of the awesome 2013 SRT Viper in July 2013, which is a slight decline from the 97 Vipers delivered in June.  While those Mopar supercar buyers waiting for their local dealership to get more Vipers into their inventory will be disappointed to see the delivery number decline, the shipping process continues to be slowed by the painstaking quality control process.  The Connor Avenue Assembly Plant that produces every new Viper has been churning out supercars at a rate of almost 200 per month each of the last two months as production continues to ramp up and with so many more Vipers being produced than being delivered – it is only a matter of time before we see Vipers heading to dealerships in much greater numbers.

On the year, the SRT brand has delivered 320 2013 Vipers and not counting July’s production numbers (which have not been released when this piece goes live), 674 Vipers have been produced.  This means that there are at least 354 Vipers log jammed in the quality control process (plus the cars built in July) so if you have placed an order for a 2013 Viper – it shouldn’t be too long before it arrives to your local SRT dealership.

It will be interesting to see how sales (read: delivery) numbers for the Viper increase once the 2014 model year vehicles arrive later this year.  You would think that the plant would speed up the quality check process to help clear room for the upcoming 2014 Vipers and once these cars are being shipped at a rate closer to the production rate – sales numbers for the new Viper could get up into the 200 unit per month range.  With Chrysler expecting to sell around 2,000 per full sales year, the numbers will definitely need to rise quite a bit from the current average.  Fortunately, the Viper is not a big profit margin vehicle so there is a good chance that the Chrysler Group bigwigs arent all that worried about Viper sales numbers.

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