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Default Boost Accessories

Okay, on my youtube, email and PM accounts I keep getting questions about what is needed to run boost on a 2005 4.7L Dakota and what part numbers. So here we go. Besides the main assemblies of the blower or turbo.......

01. Bigger Injectors, I use Bosch 0280156127 #39 designed for the SVT Cobra.

02. Depending on boost level, you need a MAP sensor that can read that level. I used one designed for an SRT-4 part #05033224AB.

03. Tuners. I use SCT DCX Xcalibrator 2 Flash Dodge Chrysler Part# 9550

04. Motor/Tranny mounts. I would love to find some polyurethane motor mounts like the ones by energy suspension. Since none are made, I had a custom tranny mount build and I use engine torque dampers.

05. I also recommend replacing your stock belt tensioner with a better aftermarket. I chose the Dayco 89254 that uses a compression spring vs coil spring.

06. I also recommend a 180 thermostat. I'm currently using he one made by Jet part# 10177

07. Spark plugs. For every 70 to 100 hp you you increase at the crank, you should go a range colder. I run NGK BKR7E stock# 4644 which are one range colder than stock.

You might even consider one of these.

You should also look at aftermarket gauges. Wideband A/F and boost are critical for tuning and monitoring your engines performance.

Buy some extra radiator hose to run to the heater core, some extra vacuum hose as you will need that also.

Be prepared to have new A/C lines fabricated if you run a blower.

Be prepared to rearrange everything in your engine bay, lol.

Look into boost cooling. I.e. intercoolers, water/meth injection etc.

Available Superchargers
Paxton Novi 1000 clockwise rotation

Paxton Novi 2000 in a Novi 1000 bracket

Kenne Bell 4.7L blower

Airram 4.6 to 4.7 adapter plate with Eaton M112

Download Paxton's Instruction Manual for the Novi 1000
Also for the 4.7L Durango

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Originally Posted by ericemery View Post
Blown might also want to add that high flow cats, headers and exhaust are also highly suggested.
No doubt. At a minimum our trucks will need high flow cats and a performance muffler. If not, your cats will be glowing red.

Our cats are in no way, shape or form are high flow, lol.
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i heard dodge cats are like the best flowing cats on the factory market.
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I don't know which factory has the best OEM cat. I know if you look at the Charger forums there are dozens of reports of cat failure at 40K miles. I've been at the dyno and seen Dodge OEM cats glow bright red as they could not flow the boost out of the block fast enough.
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I think I can add just a little bit of suggested information based on my experience

Consider the power adder: Supercharger vs. Turbocharger
-Each make intake system pressurized, therefore the term "boost leaks" should be the first thing you check every/other week. If you don't, it will result in poor performance (if you are turbocharged, it can result in turbocharger failure).

-Use quality hose connections for f#$%-sake. I am sick of hearing about people "blowing" hose connections because they make "soooo" much boost. Get real, stop your b*tching and get quality stuff that is worth a f#%^.

-Use quality vacuum line. Silicone vacuum line will not collapse/expand like traditional automotive vacuum line. Or, get braided line. I use -4 ss braided line on almost all of my vacuum/boost sources.

Here are two awesome places that carry quality hose connections:

The only other thing I can say is, take it easy on your DD that is now boosted. Don't flog the truck everywhere you go, all the time. These engines were not meant for that kind of cylinder pressure they way they sit. In order to acheive longevity, consider the following:

-Use ARP hardware for headstuds, mainstuds, exhaust manifold studs (if applicable).
-Get quality headgaskets: I use Cometic and have for the past 6 years.
-Quality connecting rods, pistons, and wrist pins are essential. I highly recommend sticking with tool steel wrist pins, forged aluminum pistons, and forged steel connecting rods.

Ok, now lets talk boost control: Whether you are turbocharged or supercharged, a quality compressor bypass valve is essential in longevity of either.

Tial makes amazing products. Here are some pictures of their compressor bypass valves (blow off valve, pop off valve) and wastegates.

44mm wastegate

50mm blowoff valve

Regulating boost control can be very fancy. There are all types of electronic advancements in controlling boost levels. Personally, I like simplicity. Hallman has always been the leader in manual boost controllers. After ditching two other boost controllers, the Hallman was the winner for me, and is for the majority of turbocharged applications. Here is a picture of it.

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this thread is going to help me alot... I now no what exactly has to be done to boost my truck
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Lot of good information in here, I made the thread a sticky so it will be easy to find.
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I'm making my Christmas list now!
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Default joke. I would love to do this but don't have the slightest clue where to start.

Blown how did you know the parts would interchange?
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