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1996 Caravan 3.0 Belt Tensioner Part Number


Old 03-14-2011, 07:13 PM
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Default 1996 Caravan 3.0 Belt Tensioner Part Number

Hi all,

I need some help tracking down the correct part number(s) for the serpentine belt tensioner on my 96 3.0. A local parts store couldn't seem to find the correct part. Apparently there is an update or additional part which is in the form of a shield on the one side of the pulley to keep the belt from jumping off.

If I look at my existing tensioner, it has this shield but I don't know if that is a separate part or if the tensioner comes with this shield already on it. If anyone knows the correct part number, please let me know.

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Old 03-14-2011, 11:53 PM
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Here is a TSB from 1997 for the fan belt. Also here is the updated part number from MOPAR, Alt p/s and tensioner kit SBK38342AA and the A/C belt 4612727. Remember these are MOPAR part numbers.
NO: 07-02-97
SUBJECT: Serpentine Belt Comes Off Or Outboard Ribs Of Belt Are Frayed
DATE: Apr. 18, 1997

Underhood noise due to serpentine belt outboard ribs fraying or splitting from the main portion of the belt and contacting other engine components.

Loss of power steering assist occurs when driving through deep snow (6 in. or more). Snow/sleet enters the engine compartment from underneath the vehicle and forces the serpentine belt off of the pulleys.

Visually inspect the serpentine belt, if the ribs of the belt are frayed or split perform the Repair Procedure. If the vehicle operator describes the belt comes off in deep snow condition perform the Repair Procedure.

Quantity Part No. Description
1 04536154AB Tensioner
1 05003480AA Shield, Tensioner Snow
AR (1) 05281275 Belt, Serpentine


This bulletin involves installing a revised serpentine belt tensioner and if necessary installing a new serpentine belt and/or tensioner snow shield.

Raise the vehicle on an appropriate hoist.
Remove the right side underbody splash shield.
Remove the A/C compressor drive belt if the serpentine belt will be replaced.
Remove the serpentine belt.
Remove the serpentine belt tensioner.
Carefully clamp the body of the revised serpentine belt tensioner, p/n 04536154AB in a soft jaw vise. Remove the M10 bolt that attaches the tensioner pulley to the arm of the tensioner.
Remove the small bearing shield from the tensioner pulley and install the tensioner snow shield, p/n 05003480AA, in its place.
Apply Mopar Lock and Seal, p/n 04318031, to the threads of the M10 bolt and install it through the snow shield and pulley. Install the shield/pulley/bolt assembly to the arm of the tensioner, torque the bolt to 61 Nm (45 ft. lbs.).
Install the revised serpentine belt tensioner, p/n 04536154AB, torque the attaching nut to 61 Nm (45 ft. lbs.).
Install the right side underbody splash shield.
Lower the vehicle.
Re-install the original serpentine belt or if it is damaged install a new belt, p/n 05281275. To ease installation, put the belt over the alternator pulley last.
If previously removed, reinstall the original A/C belt and adjust the tension to 80 lbs. using Special Tool Kit C-4162.
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Old 03-15-2011, 11:26 AM
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Exactly what I was looking for. So the tensioner and shield are two different part numbers. Thanks for your help Master Tech!
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