Black Fridays: 2nd gen Cummins Dually Ram Blackens the Ground and the Sky

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bf ctd ram black sky ground 600

This week’s Black Friday clip takes a look at a 2nd generation Dodge Ram 3500 dually powered (of course) by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and not only does this truck spew enough thick, rich diesel soot to turn the sky a murky shade of grey – but it also blackens a pretty substantial portion of the ground around the rear of the truck.  According to the discussion in the comment section of the video, the owner explains that the only modification is an Edge programmer so with nothing else done to this Ram, this video exhibits a pretty impressive smoke show for a near stock truck.

Joining this Cummins Ram as it billows smoke from the exhaust is what looks to be a 1st gen Cummins Ram along with a 1971 Pontiac GTO.  Im not real sure why the people who made this video didn’t move the classic Pontiac muscle car away from the Ram as it shot smoke and soot into the air and across the ground but I have no doubt that some of our GM-hating members will get a laugh out of watching this Ram shoot smoke at the old school GTO.


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