Hellcat Challenger Closes a 3-Second Gap

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Watch a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat close a 3-second gap in a bracket race with a newer Charger.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the quickest factory production road cars ever offered in the US market, with the ability to run low 11s in stock form and high-to-mid 10s in stock form with drag radial tires. However, with simple modifications, the Hellcat Challenger can get down the quarter mile a whole lot quicker and this video is a fine example of how minor mods turn Dodge’s muscle car into an even bigger beast.

Jon Sipple's Hellcat Challenger

This Hellcat Challenger is owned and driven by Jon Sipple, who used to own and drive the world’s quickest Hellcat Challenger with a manual transmission. Jon has moved onto a new Hellcat Challenger with the automatic transmission and in the video above, his Mopar muscle car is equipped with a 2.75 upper pulley, a Legmaker cold air intake, a 75-shot of nitrous and a custom tune by Mass Acceleration Motorsports in Denver, North Carolina. He also has a high strength driveshaft, 3.09 gears and a set of 18-inch Mickey Thompson drag radials, so an upper pulley, a cold air intake, a small nitrous shot, a tune, 3.09 gears and sticky tires are the only mods which help this car get down the track quicker – and it gets down a whole lot quicker.

In the video, which was posted online by the YouTube account of John Lewis, Sipple’s Hellcat Challenger is bracket racing against what appears to be a newer Dodge Charger SRT model. The Charger dials a 12.76 while the Challenger dials a 9.85, giving the sedan a head start of almost 3 seconds. However, Jon Sipple and his lightly tuned Hellcat Challenger runs down the Charger, running a 9.96 on a 9.80 dial while the far lane ran a 12.80 on a 12.76 dial – showing that the Challenger also had to pull a better reaction time.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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