Muddy Mondays: Jeep Wrangler Shows How Mudding is Done

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wrangler muddy monday deep mud 600

The Jeep Wrangler is unquestionably one of the most well respected vehicles in the world of offroading and in this week’s Muddy Mondays feature video – this Wrangler shows how mudding is done right.  This five minute long video shows a mix of the roughest possible offroading terrain from thick, sloppy mud to deep muddy water with the Wrangler digging through it time and time again…even though it requires some assistance at times from another Wrangler.

Thanks to a set of good tires and what appears to be a substantial suspension setup, this Wrangler is able to tackle this muddy mess and while it takes some serious digging in some cases – this Jeep is able to dig out of the mudhole each time as it flung massive amounts of mud everywhere.  This mud and water is deep enough that some cars (and some trucks) would be almost completely under water but these Jeeps show why the Wrangler has always been one of the top choices for offroading enthusiasts.


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