Tech Thread Spotlight: Tips on Boosting Your Ram or Dakota

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blown287 front end

Forced induction – be it turbocharging, supercharging or nitrous oxide – is one of the quickest ways to get big power out of any vehicle and we have a thread here on DodgeForum that includes a ton of information on those three power adders from members who have firsthand experience.  This isn’t a thread on how to put together a supercharger kit for your Ram or Dakota but rather, a thread where general information is shared by those who have gone through the process along with questions for those experienced owners from those new members looking to boost or bottle their truck.

blown287 engine bay

The thread was started a few years back by DF’er Blown287 who had a wicked supercharged 3rd gen Dodge Dakota (shown above) with a heavy dose of input from bondslayer who rocked a supercharged 2nd gen Dakota R/T with a 408.  Over the past few years, a great many Dakota and Ram owners have asked the group questions about adding a supercharger, turbocharger (or two) or a nitrous oxide setup so if you have similar questions you should check out this thread.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, post up and ask away!

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