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A call to all you REAL JEEP owners...

Jeeps The tough off road capability of ANY Jeep model from the Wrangler to the fully loaded Grand Cherokee keeps this cousin of Dodge the king of every hill.

A call to all you REAL JEEP owners...

Old 12-28-2008, 12:58 PM
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Default A call to all you REAL JEEP owners...

I started putting together an "OFF-ROAD GUIDE" in that section a couple months ago. Figured I'd do a couple write ups then let everyone else run with it. As soon as I stopped, IT DIED!


How about a few of you guys writing a paragraph or two for me to post up. Read the few I've done and you'll kinda see what I'm looking to do. Can be anything pertaining to 4x4's. From "tire reviews" to "how to install a snorkel kit". I've tried a couple times to get some life into the "Off-Road" section. I'd like to see some useful information in there and increase the traffic a little.

The thread in the "Off Road" section is locked, it's to be strictly an information source and we don't want it cluttered with posts like "nice pic, dude". But if you post your articles under this thread, either I or another mod will move it into the guide.

I put a call out the other day in the truck sections, but I know where to come for the real "Off Road" guys.

Any help would be appreciated...
Old 07-07-2009, 05:44 PM
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Hey Hammer, I'm a Jeeper too, Here are some nice Youtube Video links for off roaders....

A High lift jack is a must for off roaders!



Old 07-10-2009, 01:33 PM
Rustbelt Quad
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Default Limited Slip additive

I am replacing the Limited slip in the front Dana44 in my Jeep. I want to use synthetic gear oil. Is this reccommended in a limited slip? Do I still need to use the Limited Slip additive. Is there a new additive to use with the Synthetic grease?
Old 08-06-2009, 05:38 PM
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You can use SYN oil just get the additive from MOPAR. That's what I did.
Old 08-06-2009, 09:12 PM
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I know Auburn gear gives you sh*t about using synthetic, they recommend a good quality dino oil. I know this from my truck, so I run Lucas and add the additive, changing it every 15k.

I don't believe any other LSD makers have a problem with synthetic, and most have the additive in it already. Check the label. Some still report a little ratcheting on turns, but adding about 1/2 the recommended additive to the synthetic with additive already in it seems to fix it for everyone...
Old 10-27-2009, 01:56 AM
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Default Off Road

This one topic I can't get enough of.
Let me start out by saying, "get out there and do it, in whatever capacity you can."
At least try it.
As far as the tips, tricks and tools? All the comments so far in this thread are very good and worht the time it took to type them.
For me personally, "Four Wheelin'" is a passion. I would do nothing else if I could afford it.
The biggest and most important thing I can say is, go prepared. Murphy's law is at play here. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but if you're prepared you are less to suffer for it.

1)Take tools.
A basic set of hand tools, can save your life.

What I consider basic is as follows.

A complete set of wrenches, metic and standard (probably not necessary if your vehicle is either one or the other, but I bring enough for everyone)

A complete set of sockets and it's correct size ratchet, and a breaker bar. I've broken ratchets on the trail before.

A couple good screwdrivers, slot and phillips

A hammer, or two.

Allen wrenches. Inspect your vehicle to see if you need them and what sizes.

A pry bar. (I take a big crow style and a small flat bar)

Duct tape, Electric tape, Duct tape, and Duct tape.

A couple of locking type pliers (vise grip)

Channel locks

Wire cutters

Wire (I use the same stuff that concrete guys use, they call it tie wire)

Lighter and fire starter.


First aid kit(well stocked)

Fire extinguisher

Blanket(2) one wool and one of those tin foil things (I actually carry several of these, they are compact 3X5" and store easily)

There is a ton of stuff that I'm sure is missing from my list but this will be a good start.

A few other things I don't leave home without are my G.P.S., Cell phone, a couple of those Radio Shack five mile walkie talkie's. Extra clothes, rain gear, coat, high energy snacks (I use granola bars), water, lots of water. A coupple of MRE's are also a good idea.

Maps, Maps, Maps. With the internet now you can pretty much get a map of anywhere in the world. I personally stop by the ranger station of whatever forest district I'm in and pick up one of their maps. I haven't found any better ones than the ones they sell, and themselves use.
I've even started getting them mailed to me ahead of time so that I can start planning ahead.
Go with someone, even if you have to wait at the trailhead and jump in with a group of folks you don't know. You are more likely to make it if you have support.

How about a true life scenario.

My buddies and I were out in a popular wheelin' spot here in WA. state. This is a place we go almost every year as a week long trip on a holiday weekend.
Keep in mind that we have been here several times and know the lay of the land fairly well. We usually went over Labor day weekend. We decide one year to go on Memorial weekend.
To shorten up the story a little.
All eight of our rigs (all experienced off-roaders and well equipped rigs) head off on a trail we have done every year, to go watch some rock crawling. This is usually a 2-3 hour run. This time was different. The trail was wet and sloppy. No big deal, we enjoy a challenge. As we get further up the trail we start running into patches of snow, again, no big deal. We are only a couple miles from our destination, and the higher we go, the more snow we run into.
We have been on the trail for seven hours now, the snow is varying between one and three feet now, it's getting cold and the sun is going down.
We know that there is a logging road that we can hit and get back to camp as soon as we get to our destination.
We have already eatin our packed lunches and are running on fumes in a couple rigs.
This is where being prepared really pays off.
I had enough snacks to feed us, I shared my extra clothes and coat and rain gear with the guys that didn't have heaters in their rig.
We did have a few breakage problems, but those were dealt with and we all made it back to camp.
Needles to say, everyone had a good time even though it didn't seem fun at the time.
Every time I go out I modify the "what goes with me" list.

Have fun and if after the first couple of times you find yourself liking it, join a club.
Above all else, be safe and TREAD LIGHTLY.

Feel free to PM or E-mail [email protected] if you have any questions.
See ya out there.
Old 10-12-2010, 09:21 PM
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Old 05-19-2012, 10:50 PM
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Default Everything JEEP

03 Rubicon, 4" lift, 33x12.5 Wranglers, full under body armor, Warn bumpers/winch, Garvin roof rack,..ect. Nothing extreme but have explored the Black Hills, SD, Big Horn Mtns, WY and some back country in the area of Missoula, MT.


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