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  1. HP Tuners Pro Feature Set Update
  2. 1000 HP Hemi from the Factory!!
  3. Some of the Coolest Dodge Concepts Ever
  4. Dodge Charger Most Commonly-Searched Classic Car
  5. List of Vehicle Included in Current Massive Recall
  6. SPIED: Ram 2500HD Models Including Regular Cab Models:
  7. *FREE DodgeForum Window Decals*
  8. The Epling Garage Challenger Resets the Hellcat World Record
  9. The World's Quickest Hellcat Runs an 8.71
  10. Big Dodge and Ram Gallery from the LA Auto Show
  11. Dodge Challenger Runs 6s at 200+ miles per hour
  12. Black Friday Discounts!
  13. Meet the World's Quickest Automatic Hellcat Challenger
  14. Mopar unveils the Hellcat Hemi Crate Engine
  15. The Next Gen Ram 1500 to Debut in Detroit in January
  16. The First Hellcat Challenger to run in the 8s!
  17. Stock Power Hellcat Challenger Runs 10.30s
  18. 2009 Challenger SRT8 goes 9.28 with a manual transmission
  19. Hellcat Production for 2015-2017 Nears 30,000
  20. The Hellcat Durango Lives!
  21. 6-Speed Manual Transmission Dodge Challenger Goes 9.53 - A New World Record
  22. Watch the World's Fastest Dodge Magnum set records
  23. 3M at the Woodward Dream Cruise
  24. NHRA drag cars doing burnouts on a Detroit street!
  25. Woodward 2017: Even without FCA, Mopars still impress
  26. Roadkill 2017: Rain Sucks.
  27. Check Out The Newest Charger Pursuit Vehicle
  28. Ram 1500 Tungsten
  29. 2017 Viper ACR sets a Nurburgring Record for American production cars
  30. 7 Things to Know Before you Get in Line For a Dodge Demon
  31. 10 Trucks that Lived to See Another Ugly Truck Day - July 20
  32. Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.33M vehicles
  33. 2018 Durango SRT pricing announced
  34. The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody is quicker in every way
  35. New Sport, Big Horn Black and Lone Star Black packages for the 2018 Ram
  36. 10 Dodge Trucks Enjoying International Mud Day - June 29
  37. Roadkill Night by Dodge, Back for 2017
  38. 5 Most Iconic Film and TV Shows Featuring Dodge Muscle Cars
  39. 5 Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Dodge/Ram Truck Design Choices
  40. 7 Coolest Cars Ever to Wear the Dodge Badge
  41. Ram U.S. Sales Up 18 Percent in May
  42. James Reeves Drag Racing Omni GLH (photos)
  43. HAgan's Charger sets the 1000-foot World Record
  44. 7 Dodge/Ram Trucks that Raced at Baja
  45. The Hellcat 1/4-mile record drops to 9.06!
  46. Dodge Ram Truck PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM - Plug and Play - Well Below Dealer Pricing
  47. Vin Diesel joints Team Dodge
  48. Hellcat Challenger Smokes the Tires on the Dyno
  49. Watch a Hellcat Charger Stomp a Built Corvette
  50. Huge New York Auto Show Gallery!
  51. Houston Auto Show Previews Ram's New Exterior Options
  52. The Hellcat Jeep is Here with 707hp
  53. The Final Demon Teaser
  54. Drag Radials VS Stock Tires on the Hellcat Challenger
  55. Dodge Truck Concepts that Never Made it to Your Dealer (photos)
  56. Another Early Look at the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon?
  57. The Demon AC Cools the Intercooler
  58. HPTuners presents 2013+ ZF8 8-Speed Now Supported - VCM Suite 3.5 Beta
  59. The World's Quickest Hellcat gets Quicker!
  60. Photos: Ram Shows Off New RV Match Brown at Dallas Auto Show
  61. Dallas Auto Show: Ram Unveils New Color for Laramie Longhorn Line of Trucks
  62. The Demon comes with a TransBrake
  63. NEW Editor feature in HP Tuners VCM Suite 3.5 beta: User Defined Parameters.
  64. Miss.Mopar Instagram Will Steal Your Heart
  65. Hellcat Challenger 50-100mph: Red Key vs Black Key
  66. The Dodge Emblem Through the Years
  67. Demon Teaser #10 - Anti-Lag and a Ringtone
  68. Detail on the Demon Crate tools
  69. Hellcat Smokes CTS-V in a Battle of Built Beasts
  70. Dodge Once Imported the Challenger From Japan
  71. 7 Coolest Dodge Concept Vehicles
  72. Demon Teaser #9 - Performance Pages and Other High Performance Gadgets
  73. Listen to the Hellcat Hemi Scream with a new Intake
  74. Lightly Modded Hellcat Challenger Makes 846rwhp
  75. New Demon Gets Drag Mode, Drag Race Suspension
  76. Demon Gets 3.09 gears and a new torque convertor
  77. We Drive AEV's 20th Anniversary Ram Prospector XL
  78. 2017 Ram Power Wagon - Winch It!
  79. Macho Power Wagon Resurfaces in Chicago!
  80. Meet the Mopar 17 Challenger
  81. 6 Things to Think About Before Buying a Hellcat Powered Dodge
  82. The 2018 Dodge Demon Reincarnates the Air Grabber
  83. The SRT Durango has arrived!
  84. Sold! 1969 Dodge Pickup Restomod
  85. Introducing the Demon Crate
  86. Custom Floor Liner Sale
  87. Detail on the weight reduction of the 2018 Demon
  88. Driving the All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger GT
  89. The Demon Comes with Drag Radial Tire
  90. Dodge's Radical PPG M4S 'Wraith' Concept
  91. Demon Teaser #2 - 200lbs lighter
  92. Demon wheel, wallpapers online
  93. The Demon is Returning for 2018
  94. Dodge and Ram at Detroit 2017
  95. Mopar Turns 80 in 2017
  96. 11 Fast Mopar/Shelby Collaborations Over the Years
  97. Hellcat Challenger Lays Down 729, Runs 9s.
  98. Enthusiasts and Colleagues Honor Passing of Patrick Hespen
  99. Hellcat Challenger VS Camaro ZL1
  100. 5 Dodge Developments We're Looking Forward to in 2017
  101. An editorial look at why the Chrysler Museum closed
  102. 5 Most Memorable Dodge Moments of 2016
  103. Dodge Challenger GT AWD plays in the snow
  104. Hellcat Challengers lead the new Fast 8 Trailer
  105. Ride Along with a Hellcat Charger Running a Stock 11.07
  106. Stock Hellcat Challenger Goes 11.08
  107. 1000hp Hellcat Charger on the Track
  108. Dodge Brings the Muscle to the L.A. Auto Show
  109. Hellcat Challenger with Pulleys, Injectors, Tires and Tune goes 9.88
  111. Hellcat Challenger with Gears, Tires Goes 10.56
  112. The World's Largest Gathering of Ram Trucks Happened in... Germany?
  113. 2017 Ram Power Wagon Prices Start at $51,695
  114. Hellcat Challenger Tickles the 9s with Light Mods
  115. Modern Dodge Challenger Runs a 6-second, 200mph quarter mile!
  116. SpeedKore Hellcat Challenger: 1100hp, Carbon Fiber Body
  117. 1950 D100 Packs Modern Hemi Power at SEMA
  118. Hellcat Charger Runs 10.59 on stock power
  119. SEMA 2016: Crate Hemi Engine Kits Help Put Modern Performance in Old Mopar Vehicles
  120. SEMA 2016: Ram Hellfire
  121. SEMA 2016: The Durango 392 Shaker Concept
  122. SEMA 2016: Dodge Shakedown Challenger is a Mix of History and Hemi Goodness
  123. SEMA 2016: Mopar Turns Its Wrenches to Create the Ram Macho Power Wagon
  124. Hellcat Challenger Goes 9.29 - a New Record!
  125. 1st Proof of the 2017 AWD Challenger!
  126. Official DodgeForum @ SEMA Thread and Gallery
  127. Blown Mustang gets Stomped by a Hellcat Charger
  128. Watch 4 Hellcat Cars Run 9s, All in a Row
  129. Hellcat Challenger Burns the Tires - Literally
  130. New Hellcat Charger 1/4 mile record
  131. Dodge Hoons the Hellcat Cars and the Viper
  132. Have a look at the Hellcat Ram engine bay
  133. 1st Manual Trans Hellcat Challenger in the 9s!!
  134. The Ram Rebel TRX Concept is Over the Top...and I Want One
  135. Ram's Rebel TRX concept gives Ford F-150 Raptor a run for its money
  136. GeigerCars Beefs up the Hellcat Charger
  137. Hellcat Owner Proves the 10.80 stock w/Drag Radials claim.
  138. The World's Quickest Hellcat Manual Runs a 10.2
  139. Have a look at all of the 2017 Dodge colors
  140. Viper Wins C&D Lightning Lap, Hellcat Charger Shines
  141. SRT Durango Coming
  142. 392 Shaker Challenger Vs Hellcat Charger, 0-60 Videos
  143. How to finish off the tires in your Hellcat Challenger.
  144. Check out the changes for the 2017 Challenger and Charger
  145. Chrysler Sales Rise
  146. Roadkill Nights by Dodge - Official Brand Displays and Show N Shine
  147. Roadkill Racing on Woodward! (Pics and Videos)
  148. Mopar at Woodward (Pictures!)
  149. Watch a Couple of 1000hp Hellcat Car in the half mile
  150. Meet the new Charger Daytona and Challenger T/A!
  151. Check out the new Hellcat Dodge Commercials!
  152. There is a new Hellcat 1/4 mile record - 9.467
  153. Dodge Fatheads are Here!
  154. Here's a V10 Dodge Tomahawk Super Gallery, You're Welcome
  155. Mopars at Concours d'Elegance
  156. Twin Turbo Hellcat X is on the Prowl
  157. New Hellcat Charger Collectable Coming from Greenlight
  158. Pokemon-Chasing Driver Crashes Into Dodge Police car
  159. Throwback Thursday Halftime in America Chrysler Ad
  160. Rumor: The 2019/2020 Hellcat Challenger Could Have 850hp
  161. Throwback Thursday: The Original 2008 Dodge Challenger Ad
  162. Fiat Chrysler, Nissan Report Higher June U.S. Sales
  163. Watch the Viper ACR race up Pike's Peak.
  164. A Closer look at the 2017 Viper Special Editions
  165. The Viper is Done after 2017 - and 5 Special Editions
  166. 2017 Dodge Challenger information posted online
  167. Meet the Mopar 16 Ram!
  168. The Fiat 124 would make a great production Dodge Demon
  169. Dodge Motorsports Thrive in May-June
  170. Update on the Next Gen Challenger and Charger
  171. Fiat Chrysler's May Vehicle Sales Rise 1%
  172. Hellcat Challenger VS Viper
  173. Hellcats on the 1/2 mile and mile
  174. Roadkill Nights by Dodge are back for 2016 with 2 stops
  175. Hellcat Challenger and a Hot Girl
  176. Ride along with Justin Bell in the Viper ACR
  177. Check out the new 2016 Dodge Challenger Ad
  178. The Bondurant SRT Promo Video is Incredible
  179. The SRT Experience at Bondurant Racing School
  180. Check out the Mopars from Bondurant.
  181. Viper Versus Hellcat on a Half Mile
  182. Check Out the Newest Dodge Commercials
  183. Meet the Quickest Hellcat Challengers in the World
  184. The Mopar Drag Pak Challenger is Sold Out
  185. There is now a Hellcat Challenger convertible
  186. A Look at the Hellcat Hemi Internals
  187. Watch the new Challenger Drag Pak Run
  188. Is Ram building a Hellcat?
  189. WAtch the Hellcat Challenger hit 170 on ice.
  190. Go Mango to be offered on more trimlines
  191. The Yellow Rose of Texas Edition Ram 1500
  192. Challenger Girl Erica's Scat Pack Destroyed
  193. Go Mango is back for 2016!
  194. The Trailcat is a Wrangler with a Hellcat
  195. Jeep Wrangler concepts are mean and extreme
  196. FCA Announces Split From Weiden + Kennedy Ad Agency
  197. Hellcat Jeep Coming to Moab
  198. This is the world's quickest manual transmisison Hellcat Challenger
  199. Hennessey packs 1,032hp into the Hellcat cars
  200. Dodge Shows Off Big Muscle in Chicago
  201. Meet the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
  202. 5 Car Brands To Buy (And 5 You Should Avoid!)
  203. EPA proposal would restrict road to race car conversions
  204. Hellcat Charger VS Cadillac CTS-V
  205. Feds find Fiat Chrysler gear shifters can confuse drivers
  206. The Charger and Challenger posted record sales in January
  207. Shocked at Dart/200 news
  208. Dodge Vipers finish 3rd and 10th in Rolex 24
  209. The Challenger could soon be the smallest Dodge car
  210. High School Students Design the 2025 Hellcat
  211. Viper Killed by Safety Requirements?
  212. Dodge at the Detroit Auto Show
  213. Jeep confirms Wrangler pickup, Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee
  214. Dodge Salesman Kidnapped During Test Drive
  215. Maximize Your RAM's Full Potential With Katzkin Leather
  216. This AWD Challenger Is Part Charger Cop Car, Part Chrysler 300
  217. Dart and Challenger Teased Ahead of SEMA
  218. 2016 KBB Best Buy awards
  219. EXCLUSIVE: Could the Next Ram Dakota Look Like This?
  220. Fiat Chrysler under-reported roadway deaths, agency says
  221. Cummins' Columbus Engine Plant is the Home of the 2016 Nissan Titan XD's Turbo Diesel
  222. FCA CEO Fuels Talk of GM Merger
  223. Check out the racing action from Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge
  224. 2,059hp Dodge 3-way burnout in red, white and blue
  225. FCA faces stiff fines over recall practices...
  226. Flashback Friday: The Modern Dodge Predators
  227. Flashback Friday: Grand Caravan arrives
  228. Watch the 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 426 Burnout
  229. The Most Extreme SRT Concept Hypercar Comes to Gran Turismo 6
  230. A Tour in Image of the Dodge Viper Plant
  231. Unlock and Monitor Your Dodge's Performance with the Edge CTS2
  232. Meet the 2016 Viper ACR
  233. Concerns with FCA's obsession with merging
  234. Hellcat Challenger Outruns Nismo GTR
  235. 10 Cars Youd Be Foolish to Buy
  236. Dodge and Ram Showcase the Goods at NYIAS
  237. If You Saw This Truck Without Logos?
  238. 2015 LX Spring Festival: The Magnum Gallery
  239. 2015 LX Spring Festival: The Charger Gallery
  240. 2015 LX Spring Festival: The Challenger Gallery
  241. Muddy Mondays: Im loving this mid engine Dodge D50
  242. Hellcat Meets Hellcat - Chaos Ensues
  243. Video: Hellcat Challenger Runs Another Z06, Stomps a GT500
  244. Hemi Challenger outselling V6 models in 2015
  245. DAT ASP: Viper Owner Asked to Explain Vanity Plate to DOT
  246. Video Proof the Charger Hellcat can Maul the 200-mph Barrier
  247. Viper Wins the 2015 Rolex 24
  248. Have a look at the Dodge and Ram vehicles of the 2015 NAIAS
  249. Flashback Friday: Driving a Caravan Earns a Kid a Viper
  250. Introducing the 2015 Dodge Viper GTC with 8,000 Exterior Colors