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  1. Wiring Help Site
  2. Tips for 2008+ 4.7L Tune up
  3. swap bucket seats and add bench seat
  4. Leveling Kit Installed!
  5. Guide to SuperChips TM Tuning
  6. Thermostat Install DIY
  7. 4.7L Cam Swap Information
  8. Completed Intake DYI pics step by step...
  9. Boost Accessories
  10. A Guide to Superchips Transmission Tuning for Your 4.7l Dakota
  11. Off Road Lights and Relays
  12. Rim and Tire Setup
  13. CamSwap write up Thanks Trucky and Blown287
  14. Limited Slip defined...
  15. Woodgrain to Silver Bezel - DIY
  16. 3rd Gen Dakota Specific Codes (thanks to Master tech)
  17. Tow Rating chart
  18. READ THIS FIRST!! Common Topics and Questions
  19. Important tip when replacing your clutch.
  20. *VIDEO DIY - Brake Caliper Replacement
  21. In cab Fuse box write up. thanks studlyblueiz!
  22. how to remove the Dash (thanks Baracis)
  23. Wideband Finally Installed
  24. How to properly Debadge your truck
  25. Diagnostic Trouble Code List (HUGE thanks to Pyro for this!)
  26. How To: Installing aftermarket fog lights on a vehicle with factory fog lights.
  27. 2" Above Strut lift install DIY
  28. Cold air intakes
  29. Read me!!!!!!
  30. Muffler
  31. Wheels
  32. Motor Oil
  33. Tires (brands)
  34. Step by Step Cam Swap in 4.7 V8 w/pics
  35. Club Cab Rear Headrest Removal by wyattc329
  36. How to eliminate CELs when removing CATS...
  37. E-Fan write up by studlyblueiz
  38. Front speaker install Dakota 3rd Gen by Altair
  39. Power tailgate lock Dakota 3rd Gen by Dak_in_Black
  40. Window Tinting how-to by ericemery
  41. Vally Hitch Install Dakota 3rd Gen by turbot_bird