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FAQ -------- General Info, DIY, Engine Swaps, Lift + Lowering kit, Modification Ideas
All this is info collected from this site and around the Internet. This info will work for all Dakotas 1997 - 2004.

If you have any Ideas to contribute to this post. Post it up in this thread Here.

For TONS more info/ DIY/ Ideas/ How to's check out the 1st Generation Dakota FAQ2, 3rd Generation Dakota FAQ, 2nd Generation Ram FAQ, 3rd Generation Ram FAQ, 1st Generation Durango FAQ, 2nd Generation Durango DIY, And the general forum FAQ.

For General Info and Allpar and Allpar, Check Engine Light Codes or HERE Or Here, Fluid Capacities, Paint Codes, Calculators, Dakota R/t Info. VIN Decoder. Or to see the Full thread on it. Tow Rating Chart Check this list of hitches by classifications. HERE
Tons of DIY, Factory Service Manual and owners manual.

Buying a 2nd Gen Dakota? Look HERE for things to check before buying!

Lift kits


Body kit 2in.

Full suspension kit 4in. ($1,700)
5.5 in. Front, 5.0 in. Rear



Lift/ Indexed Torsion bar keys/ Anchors 2-3 inch. Lots listed on

Or you can just crank your torsion bars and add rear blocks for 1 inch or so. Here is how to

You can tack weld some 1/4 inch steal strips to your keys. Here is a post on it. 1st-gen-Dakota/175855-cheep-lift-post1417241.html#post1417241

You can get blocks just about any parts stores. Sizes are available from 1 inch - 6 inches.

You can get Shorter rear spring shackles.

Or flip your shackle hangers. Check out

If you got a V6 you can get V8 torsion bars to give you an extra inch or so.

Add a leaf too.;0;2005974;0;0

You can get air shocks too. These are not air bags. So you don't need an on-board compressor.

Air bags and do a search.

Universal Air bags.

You can get coil over rear shocks. It may add 1-2in of height.

Full suspension lift 3in.

You can use the 2in body kit. It says only for 4wd, but slight modification may be necessary.
Body kit 2in.

For the front you can get coil spacers. Use one on top and one on the bottom for 2in lift.;autoview=sku

If you got a V6 you can get V8 coils to give you an inch or so or custom coil springs. may have some.

For the rear, you can use shorter spring shackles.

Or flip your shackle hangers. Check out

Add a leaf too.;0;2005974;0;0

You can also do a spring over axle swap. But this will add around 5 inches of lift just for the back. After a SOA swap, you can use lift blocks. Sizes are available from 1 inch - 6 inches.

You can get air shocks too. These are not air bags. So you don't need an on-board compressor.

Air bags and do a search.

Universal Air bags.

You can get coil over rear shocks. It may add 1-2in of height.

Largest tires that will fit

4wd Stock 31 inches . If you crank the bars to lift 1-2 inch some people say you can fit 33's, lift keys 2-3 inch lift 33s, suspension. lift 4-5 inch 35's

Stock 31 inch tires, 2 inch Lift 32-33 inch tires, 4 inch Lift 33 in tires.

Lowering kit
Tons more! Just go to or and do a search.

For the rear just use spring blocks, or longer spring shackles.
Universal air bags.
If you got a v8 you can get v6 coils, you can heat the springs, You can cut the springs.

Or flip your shackle hangers. Check out


If you got a v8 you can get v6 torsion bars. You can crank down the torsion bars. For the rear use longer spring shackles or do a spring under axle swap. Some have token out some springs from the spring pack.

Or flip your shackle hangers. Check out

Off Road Guide

Good post on doing a u-bolt flip.

Push Bar, Brush Grill, Grill Guard, Light bars

Tow Hooks
There are few choices.
Can't find a site for direct fit. So custom fit is your one choice. 1st-gen-dakota/176727-tow-hooks.html#post1424515

Front Hitch
A few choices.
Or you can do a custom install.

Winch setups (Front hitch mounted 10,000lb) (2,000lb front hitch mounted, 3,000 wireless rear hidden winch)

Custom Bumpers

Skid plates

Stroker kit

Here is a great chart of what kind of size engines you can build with different strokes.

Diesel Engine Swaps (94 Dakota)
jonnymagnum (6BT-DAKOTA),1593.0.html

V8 (5.2- 5.9)
Easiest way is to get a 5.9 from heads down (long block). Including flywheel and harmonic balancer. Everything from the 5.2 will work. Including electronics to injectors to computer. The 5.2 and 5.9 is basically the same exact engine. Externally and almost everything internally.

V6 to V8 engine swap (340)

Mopar Action Magazine did a article on it. 1st-gen-dakota/176114-mopar-action-dak-5-9-swap-pics.html[/URL]

( Info on motor mounts LA blocks to Magnum Blocks v6 and v8)

Hemi swap

Big Block

Viper V10 SRT Engine swap (Look for updated parts to this project)

Engine Stand Alone Engine Management Systems

Transfercase swap (NV231D to NV242J, All wheel drive) (4:1 Gear reduction for NV231)

2wd to 4wd

Rear end Swap 8.25 Chery. To 9.25 Chry.


Larger throttle body,
Kegger mod,
1.7:1 Lifters (I would suggest.
Much cheaper then the Mopar or Crower kits, and much easier to install in my opinion (no lash adjustments, no guide plates, fits under stock valve cover)
Here is my post on the install. Very good post!

Mopar Performance computer
High output coil + wires + cap and rotor
Spark plugs (Autolite 3923's)
Higher flow injectors
Open flowing exhaust systems
High flow cat
Lower (numerically higher) Rear End Gears
Transmission shift kit
Machine work (deck down block, heads) (Bore out cylinders).
Polish and port heads and headers
Electric cooling fan
Electric coolant pump
Under Drive pulley's. (be careful lots are 6 ribs. Magnums use 7 ribs)
Lots more.... (V6 Performance)

Good Engine Articles
400HP on 318

Parts sites
(Fan clutch, water pump pulley tool, spanner wrench)

OEM Parts sites

Solid Axle

Bolt Sizes Click HERE

Crazy4x4RT 11-16-2009 02:25 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Where can I request a build sheet for my truck? Go Here Write Build sheet request. Write in your last 8 digits of your VIN number.

Engine Tech
Engine Performance
Induction Upgrades
Magnum Heads

Computer Reprogrammers /Tuners/ Flashers

Electric Fans
There is not a direct bolt in kit. The best choices are 90-95 Ford Taurus and Lincoln Mark VIII with the 3.8 litre engine. It has 2 settings, Low 2500CFM Hight 4500CFM. Or Get a dual fan unit from a Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique. or the dual fan from a 98-03 Intrepid. I think you can also use a dual fan unit out of an early/mid 90s Camaro. You may need to make custom mounts. You can also go to most parts stores or and buy universal fans, check too.

Here are a few articles

Water pump fan clutch nut removal

Wheel spacers
Check ebay lots to choose. Some to convert bolt pattern size too.

Drivetrain info
The 42RE and 46RE series, stands for: The 4 = 4 speed. The 2,6 = torque load level the tranny can take (higher= stronger). R = Rear wheel drive. E = Electronic or H = Hydraulic

Here is a nice article about the 46RH + 46RE + 727 + A518 evolution

List of Auto Transmissions by make and year.
Manual Transmissions
Transmission Diagnostic chart

NV231 stands for NP or NV=New Venture (Company) "2"= # speeds "3"=Torque load rating(strength,1-7) "1"= part-time 4WD
("2" = full-time 4WD)
Transfer case by make and year articles:

List of axle differential by make and pic of cover.

Differential Gears (Lots of calculators)

Wheel bolt pattern

1987-1990 5 x 4.5" (lots use this bolt pattern from Chevy's to Toyota)
1991-2009 6 x 4.5", 6 x 114.3 (rare, hard to find)
Wheels that will work for the 6x 4.5:
91-09 Dakotas, 98-03 Durangos, All Vipers, and 05-08 Nissan Pathfinder/Frontier/Xterra, 04-05: Cadillac SRX, Suzuki Equator 08-09.

Bolt pattern all makes and years:

More info (Radio wires) (Car alarm/ remote starter wires)
[COLOR=#c30027][/COLOR] (all mopars) (all dakota info) (all engine specs) (Lots of calculators) (Wheel Bolt patterns)"]2nd-gen-ram/171765-injectors.html?highlight=fuel+rate (fuel Injectors, fuel rates) (Leaf Spring info) (Leaf Spring info)
http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse...._Reference.cfm (Cylinder Head porting) (Nitrous for a 2001 Durango 5.9) (NP231 4:1 low gear install, SYE kit) (NP231 HD build) (Leaf Spring info) (Leaf Spring info) (Performance Throttle Body) (Performance Throttle Body) (Engine) (Engine) (Engine)

Custom Hoods, Fenders, Graphics install/photo_14.html (Wide Fenders, Baja, Pre-runner) (Cowl induction hoods), ect), ect) (Hoods, ect) (Body parts) (body) (Graphics) (Graphics) (Bumpers) d=0&Submit.x=68&Submit.y=6 Body Kits

Billet Grill all over These look like this

Clear tail/ turns/ corners lights / Euro Lights
All over

Here is a post on tinting your tails with VHT 1st-gen-dakota/180165-vht-nightshades-for-tailights.html
Light covers

Fireing Order Dodge Magnum engine 5.2 5.9 3.9 V8 V6

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